December 12, 2016

Gun Sails 30 Years of Windsurfing.

This weekend I traveled down to Saarbrücken to go and meet the Gun Sails team for the annual meeting, but most importantly to have a little get together with everyone involved behind the scenes, from the the early days all the way up to now. The party was simply awesome, when you think of Gun

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December 1, 2016

Défi Wind voorbereiding met Pieter Bijl, 20 tot en met 24 mei 2017

Défi Wind de Gruissan heeft eigenlijk geen introductie nodig! Gruissan de locatie van de Défi Wind wordt beschouwd als de meest winderige plek in Frankrijk met meer dan 50% van de kalender dagen wind boven de 20 knopen, recht aflandig waardoor het de ideale arena is voor een evenement als de Défi Wind. Waar je

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April 5, 2016

Angulo Release 120, review from a customer

Ik ben in bezit van de Angulo Realese 120 en 145 uit 2015. Heb dit weekend op Herkingen gevaren met de 120 en een Hellcat 6.7 in overpowerde condities. Het board is super lang door te varen en gijpt als een malle. Ik vaarde met een sl7 select vin 37 maar heb het gevoel dat het board nog

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January 29, 2016

Trainings Schema Defi wind voorbereiding.

Zie hier onder. Nog 1 week tot de Fysiek en Mentaal training dus wees voorbereid. 5 minute whole bodywarm up. 3 circuits Each section 2x. 1. Squat jump 3 second hold 2. Pushup feet on bal 15 3. Tricep dips x 20 4. Bridge on ball, 20 front to back, 20 side to side, 20

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January 18, 2016

10 Step plan to the perfect Power Gybe.

For those interested in improving their gybing skills I believe this video would be very helpfull We have shot a lot of slow motion close-up video to be able really show each of the individual elements of gybing. This video should allow you all to improve your gybing, understand what you do wrong and visualize

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January 4, 2016

Defi wind training, 1st meeting

Defi wind Clinic punten voor de eerste meeting. Introductie. Vertel iets over jezelf voor de groep. Leuk om met jullie allemaal even kennis gemaakt te hebben, ik vind dat we een super leuke groep hebben en denk dat er voor ons allemaal nog flink wat te leren is. Ook voor mij!! Wat denk je zelf

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November 27, 2015

Ga naar de Defi voorbereid, met Pieter Bijl

Défi Wind with Pieter Bijl Misschien heb jij al een paar jaar de droom om ook eens mee te doen aan de Défi Wind, om een wedstrijd te varen als geen andere wedstrijd op deze planeet. Toch praat je jezelf er elk jaar weer onderuit. Het begint met de voorbereiding voor dit evenement, het is nogal wat. Het kan

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September 23, 2015

Staying warm through winter.

I’m about to spent my first winter in Holland since a long time, not sure what the expect I’m getting my winter gear ready. As we all know Autumn (Fall) is the best time in Holland for windsurfing, lots of low pressures moving through giving the best winds and also the best waves. But staying

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September 9, 2015

The transition from Flatwater to sailing in Waves

In life we need challenges, windsurfing provides those for us all the time where the challenges are really created by the elements, it can be the the wind, the waves, the patience and the big one perseverance. In windsurfing you can only find comfort in all conditions if you keep trying, so don’t give up and

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August 18, 2015

Lack of –Windpowered test Tour Ouderkerkerplas

This past weekend we had a forcast for a little wind, but you know how it is with those summer low-pressures. They are small and the move around, meaning you can get lucky and … not so lucky. When we called the test day at Ouderkerkerplas it was all very last minute as it looked

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August 5, 2015

Summer of 2015 in Holland

The summer of 2015 in Holland is proving that we can have some good conditions for all kinds of sailing. June and July especially provided some fine conditions. The biggest storm since 1901 sure played a good part in the success of the July sailing. On July 25th while people where waiting for the storm

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July 18, 2015

Sailing with friends

A week or so ago, I met some friends at the lake (Oostvoornsemeer) a lake we all sailed when we where young and hungry to spent as much time on the water as we possibly could. Now with kids and nice weather we thought we should go have a day of play at the water.

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June 11, 2015

A day for the books

This time of the year is the busy time and usually one with plenty of light to medium wind, but nothing ever to special. This spring has been a little different. With some days of strong W/ZW winds and this last week some good N wind. You might say wind, where?? Well if you look

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June 5, 2015

From to

Yes, we have been out of the loop here for a few days. It’s been busy, receiving a container of boards, shipping them out getting to a product introduction and test event at all in one week. Needless to say, it’s been hectic and cranking. This is good in my world, how I like it.

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May 19, 2015

Defi wind day 4.

  For the last day of Defi wind it looked like the wind was finally dropping of a little, or so it seemed. Thanks to my crash from yesterday I had some damages on the 5.6 so this in combination with the seemingly lighter wind I thought it would be a good idea to go

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May 17, 2015

Defi Wind day 3 and GPS speed Challenge day 1.

Day 3 was just as hard as the others, with winds of up to 60 knots we where in for some hard work. But the good thing is that it is becoming more normal now, this is taking out some of the nerves. So being cool as cucumber makes this stuff a lot easier.  

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