This web store is an initiative by me, Pieter Bijl

Windsurfing is my life; in it I find a way of expressing myself in total freedom. When on the water, nothing is on my mind. Moving forward using only the elements of nature, it inspires me. It has inspired me for the last decade to develop products and ways to make more efficient use of those elements, to harness the “powers of nature” in a better way. Not only to go faster or be more radical, but mainly to make windsurfing easier; easier for everyone. From wave sailing to racing and everything in between.

I have been closely involved in many different projects with different brands I have come up with, seen and tried a lot of good stuff, and some not so good.

My main goal with this windsurf webshop is to offer one place where you can come, not to simply buy the best products. We want to make sure the products you buy are at a fair price, of good quality and the right fit for your sailing. You can ask for advice at any time so that when you go to the beach you can make the most of the conditions through having the right gear

There are a lot of good products out there. However I will try my best to make sure we offer you the best products for the best price.

Overtime you will notice products being added as I’m constantly on the search for new, innovative products or for a place to have some of my own ideas made into reality.

So really, through this store I will showcase and make available the products I believe in, stand behind and more importantly use myself.

See you on the water soon!

Pro windsurfer since early 9'ties