Staying warm through winter.

I’m about to spent my first winter in Holland since a long time, not sure what the expect I’m getting my winter gear ready. As we all know Autumn (Fall) is the best time in Holland for windsurfing, lots of low pressures moving through giving the best winds and also the best waves. But staying

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Summer of 2015 in Holland

The summer of 2015 in Holland is proving that we can have some good conditions for all kinds of sailing. June and July especially provided some fine conditions. The biggest storm since 1901 sure played a good part in the success of the July sailing. On July 25th while people where waiting for the storm

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Sailing with friends

A week or so ago, I met some friends at the lake (Oostvoornsemeer) a lake we all sailed when we where young and hungry to spent as much time on the water as we possibly could. Now with kids and nice weather we thought we should go have a day of play at the water.

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