Windsurfing Performance Clinics

When it comes to rigging/set-up, tuning, technique, jybing, as well as race training, Pieter Bijl is an expert.

Having helped the best of the best on the PWA World Tour such as Antoine Albeau, Micah Buzianis, and Josh Angulo tune and train for these World class events. Pieter started by helping them get tuned, rigging the sails correctly, making sure the masts fits the sail properly, being sure they were using the best fins, gear set-up etc, etc.. Furthermore, he helped most of the time running buoys and fine tuning out on the water! Overall, helping the best to become better!

Windsurfing Performance Clinics allow you to receive the best of the best advice and expertise as well ask questions and receive feedback making it as efficient as possible for you to maximize time and enjoyment on the water.

Pieter Bijl has moved back to Europe to be more involved as the Performance Manager at Gun Sails as well as to be more involved in the Development and Sales of Angulo Boards in the European market.

Pieter’s know how on rigging/set-up, tuning, technique, jybing, race training as well as style is now available to you!

There will be scheduled Windsurfing Performance Clinics for the community, private groups as well as individually.

For more information contact Pieter Bijl

Tutorials below starting 2016

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