The PRO Batten… made for you!

The PRO Batten

Your sail deserves it!
I’ve been on personal quest to find a way to optimize the profile of your sail by creating a unique batten that optimizes the profile of the sail you already have.

Through research, development and re-design, I’ve come across some interesting findings that not only help to optimize the profile of the sail but also optimize the position of the center of effort; response rate to ever-changing conditions and adaptation to the constant changing wind strength.

This unique way of building battens will allow us to construct battens with only 2 sections.

  1. Rod (front section)

– The tapered front section of the batten is not a stock piece, but a custom tapered piece of batten that matches your specific sail and has a different taper/stiffness in each of the positions of the sail to match and pair up with the stiffness of the tube (back section) to create a optimized profile.


  1. Tube (back section)

This is where the real difference is made…
I have created a tapered tube to be able to reach a un-compromised and optimized curve that is always progressive.

– With 5 different stiffness tapered I’m able to optimize each batten for it’s individual application (sail size and batten position and sailor demand) I create each batten especially for its application, taking in consideration the sail, rider wishes, and most importantly batten position.

– The tapered tube batten allows me to keep the rod length at a minimum, so while making the most progressive curve this also aids in weight reduction, an added bonus.

– All parts match in diameter creating a perfect transition without the typical step in diameter, preventing tight spots in sail material and therefor allowing the tension to spread through the sail evenly keeping the profile of the sail clean and smooth.

– The 5 different stiffnesses are much more than a change in stiffness but also a change in Carbon content to match with the batten position. Some positions in the sails need more response while being soft, while in other area’s too much response could reduce the sails overall performance.

– We use different tapered tubes to be able to create the stiffness vs response rate we need to reach the highest possible performance over the whole range.

The effect of the PRO Batten is so noticeable that the performance advantage compare to your production setup will very noticeable on the water.



To get your hands on The PRO Batten set please contact me. As these battens are made to order I take a 100% personal approach, upon your order you will receive a Question sheet to fill out and return to me. If you have performance areas where you would like to shift your performance range (more power or more speed, earlier planing or more top end control etc etc) I will personalize even further to work in what your demands are. So these battens are not only unique per brand or size, but now you even have the option to personalize the performance in your sail to suit your demands.

We offer these battens in 2 kits.

  1. Profile optimizing kit.

This means the 4 main battens of the sail (3 top cam +1 above) are built for you. These battens are build to spec and will fit directly into your sail. These 4 battens will insure we optimize profile and reduce some of the weight in the sail. The advantages will be mostly felt due to better draft stability, more response and perfected profile of your sail.

Price €399,-

As option one reduces the weight in the bottom of the sail the advantages of weight reduction will not be shown in full effect. To be able to see the full effect of the weight reduction you should opt for option 2.

  1. PRO batten kit, Profile optimizing, maximum weight reduction.

With option 2 I build all the battens from the top down (excluding the foot batten). This will ensure that the PRO batten kit will give you the maximum performance increase. The whole set will work harmonious and the weight reduction in the top (compare to set 1) will give you a better response, better efficiency and a bigger range. With the stiffness of the battens in combination with the light weight we can manipulate the leech response and dynamics. While the fronts will induce the perfect profile into your sail for maximum acceleration, speed and control.

Price €549,-

Weight reduction indication.
Neilpryde RS:Racing Evo 8 9.5 Weight reduction to stock battens 250grams.

Gun Sails GS:R 2016 9.5 Weight reduction to stock battens 820grams.

To order or for more info please contact me via e-mail.