De Slag om Domburg

Doing some windsurfing (wave) contests is the best way to improve your skills. In a contest you find a way to push yourself just little further, dig deeper and work a little harder. I realized this driving back from the DSOD contest, even though my drive is not to win or be the best of everyone there. My motivation is having fun and being the best I can be. I recommend it to anyone looking to push just a little further into the unknown, you’ll come out smiling!

Especially this event is super fun. Pretty much a group of friends (yes windsurfers are all friends) organizing an event for all their other friends (other windsurfers) to compete in. This year I believe on the second year they ran this event the turn out was really good. Also the forecast was looking really good. Then on the day it’s self is changed a little, but still not too shabby. Maybe the wind didn’t deliver as promised, but the waves where there. It took a little longer to get the event on as the wind was not there in morning, time for a Surf with Luka before the pressure of competing got turned up!

Then the event began at around 13.00 and we got straight into it. The tide by then had come up and current was pushing us down wind and the posts (rows of posts) at Domburg where slowely starting to hide under the water.

For me the sailing was awesome. I was able to fight the current, stay upwind and pick out some good waves. Good times on most of them, even though the slightly off-shore direction of the wind caused it to be gusty and at times would throw you of your timing.

I managed to make through all the heats into the final. With the wind cooperating in most of my heats it was good, but then in the final with the Sun setting the wind losts it’s energy and so did I. Settle for last in the final, but that is okay after a great day of sailing!

Congrats to Leon Jamaer for winning. He really did show us all how to make the most of the conditions!!


  1. Leon Jamaer
  2. Eric Rutjes
  3. Erik de Landmeter
  4. Robby de Wit
  5. Max Droege
  6. Sven Akerboom
  7. David Osietzki
  8. Pieter Bijl