Defi “strong strong” wind day 2.


Yes just when you thought it wouldn’t be possible the wind picked up. Not 5 knots but 25 knots. Yes 25 knots from 40 knots mean a lot of wind. With gusts of up to 73 knots they choose to take it easy in the morning and let the wind wear it’s self out a little.


So when the wind dropped down to about 40 knots they called the hour announcement and moved forward with getting a race on the way. For the safety of sailors they choose to go for a shorter race, 20 km total and with reaches of only 5 km instead of 10. So the pain in the leg due to sailing on one tack for a extended amount of time where limited and we where able push much harder without the problem of fatigue.


Even though the race management advised those in doubt not to go out, but most people did anyway. So with a full start I opted for a start in the middle of the line, this didn’t really work out as well as I hoped as the wind turned just before the start and allowed even the people at the bottom of the line (all the top guys are starting there) to get the the beach without having to go upwind too much. However once I got along the beach I put the hammer down and started my overtaking race once again. Taking plenty of people on the way to the fist mark and rounding somewhere around the 30th place (I think, with so many people you don’t know this for sure.) On the way back it was super tight upwind. So I started to pinch right from the start to try to avoid having to tack. This turned out to the best thing to do. I made the mast and moved from 30th into 10th place or so. On the way back to the far away mark it was nice. One big speed run along the beach. Opening it up to full speed for 5 km with a nice smooth run along the beach. It is a little tricky sometimes as here we already start to lap some people and people use the beach to take a rest. So hammering trough people hanging out and people sailing toward their first mark rounding means you need to stay very alert.


Coming around the outside mark, gybing in 8th and staying there till the finish.

Even though the wind was kind of gentle I was happy to finish and get back to the beach.


This would be it for today as the last person of this race only came in at around 17.00 hours and this was to late to get another one on the way. So we are spared of total destruction today!


Tomorrow another day with another race or maybe 2. We will see what the conditions will be. There will be wind and plenty of it, this is clear. The 5.6 is getting some good used and getting comfortable in that kind of wind makes you feel pretty good and will make the bigger sails easy to handle.


More from me tomorrow.

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