Defi Wind day 3 and GPS speed Challenge day 1.

Day 3 was just as hard as the others, with winds of up to 60 knots we where in for some hard work. But the good thing is that it is becoming more normal now, this is taking out some of the nerves. So being cool as cucumber makes this stuff a lot easier.


We started the first race in the morning with the intention of doing 2 today. The wind was good not too strong yet (meaning not gusting over 50 knots). We where ready at 11 for a “short course” only 20 km. The unique thing about today is that we have a GPS challenge inside of the Defi Race “DunkerbeckGPSspeedchallenge“. So they are measuring the speed and creating a ranking within the race.


So we start and put the power on, I had a good start and pushing till about after 1km my front foot came out of the strap. OEPS> I got very wet, for a long time. With the whole field of 1200 behind me I got a little scared being in the water so waited to get back on the board till the coast was safe. Being down in about 300+ place the though of giving up crossed my mind. But then I realized I don’t give up and if I make myself mad I can come back a long way. Fought back hard and came all the way to 27th place. My overtaking race was a success, but in the process I completely forgot about the GPS ranking.


The afternoon race was canceled as the wind came up to over 60 knots and it was considered to dangerous.


I did hand in my GPS after the race to give the data to the guys. Not thinking anything of it I was surprised that my social wine tasting in the evening was interrupted by Antoine who was coming to get my to go on the stage. What for I wasn’t sure.


I set the second fastest time during the race and got a nice award for it.


Some light celebrating was in place after this and so we did. Some good food and wine with awesome people to end the day and get back in bed for the last day that is looking promising as the wind should be a little lighter!!


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Defit GPS Speed

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