Defi wind day 4.


For the last day of Defi wind it looked like the wind was finally dropping of a little, or so it seemed. Thanks to my crash from yesterday I had some damages on the 5.6 so this in combination with the seemingly lighter wind I thought it would be a good idea to go on the 6.3. Just as I’m sailing out to the start with too little time left to go and change down I realize that this wind is stronger then it seemed. I guess in the last few days we have been getting so used to extreme wind that just normal really strong wind didn’t see so windy anymore. Well I was wrong, we hit the start and get moving and I’m holding on for dear life again!


This time we where doing 2 laps on the long course. So I manage to handle the upwind to the beach. It was pretty slow but I got there and once I got there I could relax a little and make some speed as the water there is a little flatter and the board doesn’t want to fly as much as on the outside. Putting the power on in the flats while being careful to not get taken our by one of those surprise gusts. I managed to get the gybe mark but again I was a lot deeper then would ever want to be and the catch up started again. Luckely for me the wind was dropping a little so after the gybe I got back to the beach and started putting on the pressure and overtaking guys, some guys I didn’t know, but some good guys too that may have made the same call as me and where on to big gear.


Gybing the second jibe things where looking a lot more hopeful, I wasn’t so far down the ranking anymore and I was happy to moving forward giving me a little more of a boost. I knew the top spot where out of reach, but lets just see how far we could make it. With the wind getting a little lighter again I was able to relax every so often without having to slow down, but over taking guys get’s harder and harder to further to the front you get.


I managed to come back to 18th place and was happy with that. I believe I finished on the 20th place for the event. Also happy with that, knowing I made plenty of mistakes and considering the conditions where pretty heavy for the GS:R 5.6 and Magnum 95 I’m happy to have finished where I did. After every race I would come of the water exhausted but with a huge smile and full of positive energy, this event is just amazing and anyone who might be leaning toward doing this event. GO and do it, it is something you will remember for a lifetime!

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