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Yes, we have been out of the loop here for a few days. It’s been busy, receiving a container of boards, shipping them out getting to a product introduction and test event at all in one week. Needless to say, it’s been hectic and cranking. This is good in my world, how I like it.

Last weeks test tour stop got kind of rained out, down-poor, hail and no wind till about 2.30 pm didn’t allow for a great turn out. However the night before it was nice. It is good to partner up with and have the best shop in the North of Holland supporting Angulo and our philosophy. Big shout out to Jack and Jan-Willem for the warm welcome and taking on Angulo with great enthusiasm. I’m sure we will be back for more there some time soon, maybe some clinics who knows.

After this it was back to the South of Holland, Sunday did have a little wind, but I was run down and with no energy to sail I took it easy, hang out with my kids and caught up with some friends. Specially as Tuesday was looking like it was going to be a good day, and that proved right. Scheveningen had some good conditions and since I had just received the final production Triumphs it was time for me to go try them out. The wind was up and I rigged the Gun Sails Blow 4.3 and put the Triumph 74 under it. It was a real joy but the board proved a little too small for my 88 kg’s. My sailing improved a lot when I changed over to the 81 Triumph. Plenty of control, but just so much more drive for someone my weight. After a 2 hour session I had enough and it was time to move on.

The rest of the week has been catching up, shipping boards and meeting some people to see how we can keep building things up. Keeping the forward momentum.

I’m super excited to announce that on Friday the 12th of Jun, I will be at Siem de Jong in Delft (really it’s Den Hoorn).

These guys have supported me and on top of that my change to Angulo and now also gun since day ONE!! Being like family to me I’m really looking forward to be big turn-out. Everyone is allowed to pick my brain and have good time. We will be starting at 8pm and go on till it’s done.

Look forward seeing you there.

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