Pro windsurfer since 1998

I have so many creative ideas in my head and the enduring strong desire to push innovation in windsurfing forward.

I needed a space to bring these innovation into reality. That is happening on my property: where we are about to open the Mocean Lab. This is where a lot of technical and high-end parts will be developed and possibly produced in small quantities.

Parts not only for pro’s, also for those who can appreciate a new take on windsurfing engineering, parts that are made better, lighter, stronger. All with a higher finish quality then what’s available on the market.

All tailored to the individual needs of it’s users.

The pro-batten is one of them, but many more will follow… Check back for more….

Have an idea of your own, but don’t know how to make it a reality, the Mocean Lab is an open source work place where possibly you can come and work on idea’s together…