Lack of –Windpowered test Tour Ouderkerkerplas

This past weekend we had a forcast for a little wind, but you know how it is with those summer low-pressures. They are small and the move around, meaning you can get lucky and … not so lucky. When we called the test day at Ouderkerkerplas it was all very last minute as it looked like the wind was going to be good, but then the forecast changed one more time, and not in our favor.

Non the less, we showed up at 11.15am and 2 of the club (WVOP) members where eagerly awaiting us in order to invite us to park and set-up on the club grounds. Great, and so we did. With plenty of helping hands and keen young guys ready to hit the water with some big sails we where set-up in no time and before mid day the first boards and sails where out on the water. The wind was gusty as it was only on the edge of planing and not planing, but the lightweight young guys made it look good and got the rest of crew out there.

We for some reason we avoided the forecasted rain and had a beautiful day.

With an amazing club with awesome people I was super stoked to be invited with open arms and even better, invited to come back another day when the wind is stronger. Then we can finally show the light weights who is boss. LOL.

All in all it was smiles all around, kids riding some of the best gear available. Husbands cruzing on the 9.5 while wives where making good times on the 4.2 and the apprentice. Just about anyone there had a go at trying it, even Max at 2 years old went on the board with me and Luka at 5 years old managed to sail all the way to the other side of the lake and half way back, whereafter he got rescued by the boat. Non the less a great effort on everyone’s part to make this an incredibly fun and memorable day.

Thanks to the locals for helping us out, and we look forward seeing you soon with some better winds!!


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