My windsurfing life

Pro windsurfer since 1998

Windsurfing is my life. In it I find a way of expressing myself in total freedom.

I started my professional career on the PWA tour back in 1998, not only as a racer, but also to develop hundreds of products for windsurfers (Fanatic, NeilPryde, JP, Gunsails, Anguloboards, Vector Fins, and my own brand ‘The Pro Batten‘). I am devoted to windsurfing and love to share and spread my passion by helping windsurfers to perform better and maximize enjoyment on the water. I encourage windsurfing at any level and engage with people to reach higher performance and more fun in windsurfing and their gear.

I distinguish myself by advising on products I truly believe in and recommending products that have the best fit for your purpose, condition and ambition.

I bring performance to the next level by focusing on innovation. I am always eager to improve gear by thinking outside the box, and to find ways to enhance overall performance. I advise amateurs, PWA riders, and Olympic windsurfers.

Driven by my vision to improve performance I designed and distribute my own concepts, such as ‘The Pro Batten’. This is not all, there are new innovative concepts being created by me.

But that is not all, there are windsurfing performance clinics coming and wind powered test tours. So keep coming back and most of all thanks for checking in!