Tarifa Training session

Even though this year you wont see me on the PWA world tour much I still take my performance serious. Having been at the top for a few year some years back makes me want to be on my game. So getting ready for those races I will do is crusial for me. Mondual du Vent, Defi wind and more aren’t just events for me. They give me a chance to proof to myself I can still do it. Even though PWA may not be a realistic option for me right now, staying in shape and maybe making a comeback later on is a key element in life for me.


On top of that I have a team mate Josh Angulo that could really use some help and there is the Gun Sails Loft there too, so plenty to do to keep the mind and body occupied.


The Drive,

The drive was intense, making a little detour to go drop of some boards in Leucate, France at the new We-Ride shop. Stopped there for about an hour, had some coffe and a chat to Jean Charles (one of the guys behind the We Ride initiative, awesome shop!!) where after I was on my way again.

Pushing on all the way trough to Madrid, spent a couple of hours sleeping in the van (yeah I did set-up a bed this time) then onto Lisbon to meet up with Josh who had arrived there a few hours before me.



Not being able to get a hold of Josh I had no choice but the abandoning the van at the Airport and start searching the terminal for a big dude sleeping on his boardbags. No luck finding him, but did find some Police when I arrived back at the Van, oeps…. Oh well they where nice and understanding, specially when I told them my friend who I was picking up was sleeping somewhere in the airport, smiles all around so they allocated a parking spot for me just as Josh came walking out of the terminal. Breakfast and a catch up chat outside of the van where a welcome event for me. We hang there for a little while, waiting for Martim to come and pass some stuff to us and back in the van. From Lisbon to Tarifa is another 6 hours, a few hours into the drive we grabbed some food at this awesome Spanish road side restaurant, big slabs of pork patato followed by coffee’s and we where ready to finish up the drive.



Arriving in super windy Tarifa instantly got my heart pumping!!

Day one was all out on 5.6, couple crashes to warm up and realize we needed to get our stuff in gear to be able to handle these conditions. After some messing around we found the sweet setup and called it a day before someone would get hurt.

Day two was a lot more mellow. 7.9’s where used and set-up as far as we could get with what we had.

Day three a little lighter again and this is how it was the whole week we where there. We just had the best conditions. Tarifa really delivered. We where there for 6 days and sailled all the sizes at least 2 times appart from the 5.6, we only sailed this one time. So all in all we couldn’t have wished for more.


Tarifa is the most awesome little place. Good sailing in a large variaty of conditions. If it is too windy you can drive in direction Cadiz or beyond to find the wind you need and maybe even some waves.

The old town of Tarifa is cozy, fun and allive with good restaurants everywhere. The food there is simply mind blowing and the people are friendly. The nice thing about going in Early april is that it is a lot warmer then the rest of Europe and it isn’t busy, specially compare to the summer. It is easy to find accomodation, there are a lot of clean places to stay and the life is cheap there too.


After 6 days our time there was over. Our gear is now setup at a new level compare to when we got there so it was a big job done.


The drive back

Leaving in the night time to Lisbon as Josh had a morning flight from there was brutal. After a day of sailing and packing we needed to get in the car for 6 hours and be there at the certain time, pressure and tired driving is never good. We kept switching and then I gave Josh a ton of Coffee and he made it on time while I slept in preparation of the rest of the drive.

Dropped him of, packed the rest of his gear and I was on my way to Holland. It was still early morning so with a full day of driving ahead I was going to take my rest when I needed it.

Sleeping a couple times for an hour and visiting an old town for a walk and lunch saved me.

I was able to drive till just past Paris, slept there for a couple of hours and then had an easy drive the next morning to come home safely. Just so I can get back in the car again in 2 days to Monial du Vent.


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