Windsurfing in the Netherlands

Having travelled all over the world for windsurfing and having sailed in some pretty amazing places the dutch saying really is true.

Zoals het klokje thuis tikt, tikt het nergens

Direct translation; The ticking of the clock never sounds as it does at home.

Meaning; There is no place like home.

This also counts for sailing at Hoek van Holland. This past week I had 3 sessions in Holland, 2 of those in Hoek van Holland and 1 in Scheveningen. My session in Scheveningen was good, it was super windy and only having a 4.7 as my small sail was a challenge in the gusts and even between the gusts I was pretty over powered, but fun non the less. The conditions where good, there where awesome waves, good wind and plenty of people. So many it made me a little uncomfortable at times. Specially the the looks (In Hawaii they would call it giving someone “Stink eye”) you get when getting into people’s way, or maybe they where getting in my way. I don’t know and honestly I don’t care, lets all get along. We are all there to enjoy the same thing and as much of it.

So as I’ve always said, home is where my family is. So as it turns out my windsurfing family is in Hoek van Holland, they make me feel at home and they are nice.

For the other sessions. The one in Hoek van Holland on Tuesday was simply too windy. Good training but not really good sailing, this would come later in the week. On Saturday there was a little less wind, as well as a better direction for Hoek van Holland. Where W/ZW really is the preferred direction, it’s still pretty side shore and there are usually waves. With low tide in the middle of the day and a nice clear sky this was some epic sailing. Some good jumps, wave riding and awesome people. Even though I don’t socialize a whole lot when I’m sailing (as I spent most of my time on the water) I still like friendly faces and hope to see those wherever I go.

This wind we had last weeks was good. I got my windsurfing fitness training and I’m now ready to go to Defi wind that will start this coming weekend. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun and a challenge. I love that combo. So please follow me for my inside story on the Defi.

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